Privacy Policy
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  • Membership to the AgeWell Club requires the payment of membership fee that will be good for 12 months.
  • The membership fee may be paid in full or may be paid partially 3 amounts, as long as completion of amount is within 3 months from sign up.
  • Full benefits of AgeWell Club may only be enjoyed once the membership fee is fully paid. Partial payments will only be entitled to attending 3 learning sessions.
  • Renewal of membership requires payment of the annual fee, and is necessary to continue enjoying the benefits.
  • Benefits may only be enjoyed by the member and are not transferrable.
  • AgeWell Club is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen cards and a charge will apply for the replacement of the membership card
  • Membership may be cancelled/refused to individuals by AgeWell Club at its discretion if the member is deemed to be fraudulent, linked ....

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